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Thank you for considering Spur M Red Angus for your seedstock source!

Spur M Red Angus cattle are raised on dry grass and mother’s milk throughout the summer.  When they are weaned, they are put on a bull developer to gain an average of three pounds per day.


We follow an extensive AI program using some of the best bulls available to fit our needs and hopefully yours. After we are done we use top quality clean up

Herd Sires

(for pedigree click on the bull's name)

bulls to finish the job. We feel that our clean up bulls should perform as well as the A.I. bulls.


At Spur M Red Angus, we do not concentrate on just one trait.  We strive for a very well balanced set of traits, which include birth weight, weaning weight, length, thickness, structure and soundness.  We like calves that are born with ease and grow once they are on the ground. 

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